[Throwbacks.] I. Flute, harp, and composer.

WindsUponAString and JennOnce upon a time (2012, to be exact), a flute and harp duo called Winds Upon a String (featuring me and harpist Aimee Raechel) commissioned our lovely classmate, composer, and friend Jennifer N. Roberts to write us a piece to perform at the 2012 annual Linehan scholars dinner.

The piece that resulted, WindStruck, was inspired by tango and Finnish heavy metal.  Go check it out, here!

Musician vs. Technology.

Krisztina and ComputerIn July, I was honored to perform a revised version of  Michael Rothkopf‘s Improvisation for Flute and Computer.  Dr. Rothkopf, a composition and music technology professor at UNC School of the Arts, created a complex computer program which analyzes six elements of sound being produced by the performer (frequency, amplitude, etcetera), proceeds to make quick decisions with regards to how it ought to respond to those six elements (similarly, or in contrast?), and generates sounds of its own.  I imagine that, in a way, performing the piece was something like playing chess with Deep Blue.  There is always an element of the unexpected.

Click here to listen to a recording of the live performance.