HAIKU I; “Self-motivation: teaching goal no. 1”

The best of teachers
Instilling love of learning
Make teachers of self.

Self-motivation is vital to both learning and life, and I must challenge students to want to learn for themselves. If a student is unwilling to learn, even the best of teachers can do little to help him. A self-motivated student, on the other hand, will learn in spite of himself.

HAIKU II; “Personal growth: teaching goal no. 2”

The teacher expects
Best efforts and excellence
To break barriers.

Each student is unique in personality, ability, and goals. I seek to balance affirming the inherent worth of a student with an effort to motivate him with ever higher performance standards. Moreover, I am responsible for both encouraging and challenging students in effort to help expand their spheres of comfort in terms of intellect, musicality, technique, and perception.

HAIKU III; “Fostering creativity: teaching goal no. 3”

Like tending flowers
The teacher nurtures
The blooming artist within.

Music students are developing artists requiring the guidance of a teacher, especially as they learn to express their ideas in tandem with formerly established musical conventions—or in those conventions currently being formed. I not only endeavor to recognize, instruct, and care for a student’s unique expressive voice—I desire to advocate for it.

HAIKU IV; “Holistic instruction: teaching goal no. 4”

Though branches are pruned
The whole tree suffers deeply
When roots are neglected.

All human souls have inherent worth, with the capacity to think, dream, learn, wonder, and invent.  I hope to inspire students to become more than just excellent musicians—I want to challenge them to become excellent human beings by providing them opportunities to demonstrate discipline, professionalism, amiability, and critical thinking.

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